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Finally finished! Nyan Cat iPhone Case.

Case is the “Neo Stitch” case, which you can purchase from here: http://connectdesign.co.kr/front/php/product.php?product_no=170 

This allows you to stitch anything you like. Well, anything you like that fits in a 33x69 grid.

All up, it took me a touch over a week to stitch. :) I have two more cases (in black) which I have other ideas for. :3

Now the trick is working out how to protect it, as actually using it will get it dirty!

Nyan Cat is by PRguitarman.

Making Nyan-clips

This isn’t really a how-to, so much as a how-it-was. This is how I made the Nyan Cat Hair Clips.

Materials Used:

  • Super Sculpey
  • Chromacryl Student Acrylic Paint
  • Glitter Glue
  • Glaze
  • Hair Clips
  • Glue Gun/Superglue
  • Patience + Stupidity

Step 1:

Make nyancats out of Super Sculpey. There wasn’t really anything special I did here besides try to make the basic shapes and stick them together.

Step 2

Not pictured: panic and try to find hair clip backs around Adelaide, as well as getting glitter glue, Copic markers for a friend’s birthday, and some junk food.

Step 3

Realise the rainbow on one of the Nyan Cats is not long enough and re-do it. Sit the Nyan Cats on top of the hair clips to bake, so they curve just right. This stops them sinking during the baking process as well.

Step 4

Bake the shit out of the Nyan Cats. Take them out of the oven and burn yourself going OOOH BAKED NYANS and showing them to your boyfriend.

The Nyan Cats will stay on the clips pretty well at this point, but as it cools down and you handle them, the clips will come off.

Step 5

Start painting the Nyan Cats.

It’s at this point the “patience and stupidity” come in. You need to take your time, and you need to have a steady hand.

If there’s something I’ve learned from this, it’s also that there exists such a thing as “primer”, and it gives painting surfaces a “tooth” which helps the paint bond with the surface you’re painting.

PROTIP: Obtain this mystical “primer”.

oh god why

why why why

see what I mean about primer?

As I did not have primer, I made do by going over things repeatedly with the paint. This took a lot of time.

I didn’t take any more photos of the painting bit, but I went over the painting repeatedly to get it to actually stick, then you let it dry.

Step… whatever step I’m up to.

After the paint has dried, put the glitter glue on the rainbow part of Nyan Cat.

Step 76

Once the glitter glue has dried, spray glaze all over it. Let that dry.

Finally, we used hot glue to stick the clips back on. One of these came off, so later I superglued it on and that stuck.

The end. I doubt this has been at all helpful, but if you’re handy with paint and sculpey I’m sure you can give it a go. I’m sure there are a lot of things I could have done better, but that’s the fun in these things, isn’t it?